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What should I be aware of when exercising on top of artificial turf?

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What are the benefits of artificial turf in use?

Artificial turf is now the preferred material for many sports fields, and now the summer is getting closer and closer, many people like to go to the artificial turf sports field to practice kicking, or play with their buddies, very much like the feeling of running on the artificial turf, fall down and no big deal, but research shows that people should not exercise on the artificial turf sports field for too long, the following we'll talk about what to pay attention to in the artificial turf above the movement?

1. Put on shoes immediately after your feet are immersed in water.

In order to counteract the heat on the feet, some people like to rinse their feet with cold water after playing soccer for a while, then wear socks and soccer shoes with wet feet. In fact, this is briefly counterproductive. The gap in the kickball shoes and socks off to breathe, you can very well deal with the problem of overheating feet. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

2. Wear sound important

The soundly worn soccer shoes are often thickened through the lining to ensure comfort, and the thickened lining can to a certain extent big will heat deterrence outside the shoes. Now the prevailing trend, sneakers to light, so the upper is very thin, so that in the hot climate will make the foot more briefly touch the hot ground, think about that almost transparent upper, very worried about whether it can survive the summer, more let me worry about the feet to wear inside.

3. High-top sneakers, please put them aside.

This goes without saying, the climate is now very hot, but also the way to heat to seal the way, is not a dead end? In other words, in fact, conventional sneakers are properly breathable material, disappointed in order to football shoes wearability, all brands have chosen to cover up the woven fabric material hot melt glue or other composition material method, so that is wearable, but also the same breathable.

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