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What are the advantages of artificial turf in recreational landscaping?

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What are the advantages of artificial turf in recreational landscaping?

Artificial turf is now more than just sports fields and football fields have in use and a lot of leisure landscape also used artificial turf this material, its use for the landscape is also a great promotion, give a person a very fresh and quiet feeling, and in use is also relatively easy to maintain, below we come to the following artificial turf in the leisure landscape advantages of what?

Today, people are increasingly inclined to use artificial turf in the construction of leisure and landscape projects to create a variety of functional roles, including leisure, sports, ecological and other multiple functions. This type of lawn is generally based on semi-open space, large areas of lawn can be used as a resting place for people, allowing people to start activities on it. Lawn in addition to the use of functions, but also has ornamental function, it is characterized by its flat, dense green, the formation of open local space, and surrounding buildings, plants and other landscape elements echo each other, complement each other, and enrich the content of attractions. For example, in large plazas, green spaces and street sides, as well as those lacking vitality and vigor, a flat green landscape is created through the laying of lawns.

In yard landscaping, grass embedded in stone cracks or stones embedded in turf and light-colored stones contrast with the lawn to enhance the visual effect. With agile and clear water bodies, it makes the yard more vivid. The advantages of recreational landscape artificial turf are clearly visible and can meet people's constant pursuit of a high-quality living environment. In general, is in the landscape design, artificial turf as a new material, combined with the expression of garden art to help people in the realization of individual aesthetic and create a harmonious living environment, but also to overcome the traditional green way of breeding mosquitoes, micro-organisms on the life of the trouble. With the development of society, artificial turf will have the opportunity to enter thousands of homes and create a beautiful landscape.

Wonderfully, it is also possible to use artificial turf to divide various areas, lining the trees, buildings and water, making the green space more spacious and suitable for visitors to rest and view. Lawn is also the basic elements of the site plane composition, can constitute the tone of the landscape. Artificial turf and water with rocks and stones, road pavement with can play a role in opening up space, broaden the vision.

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