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PP artificial grass for basketball court synthetic turf artificial grass china:
The use of artificial grass to build sports grounds has been abroad for decades. With the development of science and technology and sports, high performance polyethylene, polypropylene fiber, anti ultraviolet and anti aging amine materials and different kinds of additives are used to create artificial weeds for professional and amateur sports people. Ten It can be used not only for artificial grass football field, but also for laying track and field, baseball field, football field, swimming pool surrounding and leisure field greening. It is a multi-functional sports ground paving material.


Construction scheme and precautions of artificial grass basketball court:
(1) Cement concrete foundation can be selected. (2) BThe cement surface layer shall not be too smooth, and shall not be subject to sanding, peeling and cracking. (3) Flatness: the qualified rate of flatness is 95%, and the allowable error of 3M ruler is ± 3mm. (4) Slope: cross slope 3 ‰, the surface shall be flat and smooth to ensure drainage.

All day long, weatherability, recovery, breathability, water permeability, economy, sound absorption and noise reduction, long green simulation, multi-purpose, excellent physical and chemical properties, production of modern technology, the product tensile strength, firmness, flexibility, wear resistance, anti-aging, color fastness and so on to achieve a very high level.
Good safety. By using the principles of medicine and kinematics, the ligaments, muscles and joints are protected when the sportsman moves on the lawn, and the collision force and friction force are greatly reduced when he falls down. The average service life is more than 10 years. All kinds of scribing lines of the stadium have been formed with white grass seedling in one time during production, which belongs to environmental protection products. It does not contain any harmful substances, and has the function of noise absorption.
Multi purpose: the artificial lawn has various colors and is durable and colorfast. It can be matched with the surrounding environment and buildings. It is the best choice for sports venues, leisure yards, roof gardens and other places.


Artificial turf is in the rapid development stage in recent years, and its application fields also cover a lot of fields, from the beginning of football field, to leisure field, to home decoration, to the current household products. Artificial turf is gradually familiar and accepted by people. This kind of artificial grass, which is not subject to seasonal constraints, not only can keep bright green all the year round, but also has strong wear resistance and environmental protection performance become the first choice for many customers. So how to buy it on the market? Here's how to choose the right turf for you.

Many people have made a wrong choice when buying artificial turf for the first time. When we buy artificial turf, we should first consider the turf that is suitable for our own site, and then consider other parameters. Only in this way can we make the most of it. If you are a kindergarten head, you should first consider the turf that is environmentally safe, and at the same time consider the children's own sports in the kindergarten, So it can be considered to purchase the filling free artificial lawn for laying, the filling free lawn can be moved at any time, the installation is also simple, no need to fill particles, no need to maintain, which is very consistent with the laying of kindergarten. If you are a professional football club manager, what kind of lawn is suitable for your field? High wear resistance, high resilience, and turf with long design service life, then you can choose this kind of artificial turf. Because the operating football field is frequently used, the turf with high wear resistance is the first choice, followed by professional clubs, so the sports performance of the turf is better, so you can choose the most wear-resistant diamond monofilament grass + safety damping layer, such as Match with the requirements of professional club, its sports performance is very close to the natural grass, and wear resistance is good, can be used in high frequency.


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